Saturday, August 25, 2007

from bad to worse...

So I got my credit card bill for the 'temporary charge' on my credit card for the rental car I used on vacation.

My bill was issued the day before I returned so naturally, the $200 charge was still on there. I paid for the $200 in rental in cash when I returned the rental car the next day. I did get a printed out receipt.

So I called my credit card company just a few minutes ago to confirm that they had received a credit from the rental place because I paid in cash and all is right in the world.

Unfortunately, the credit card CSR told me nothing of the sort, instead she informed me that there was still a $200 balance, my minimum payment is $20 and she also offered me their credit monitoring service for an additional charge to my credit card. I politely declined the credit monitoring as I already have it, thanks to the state of Ohio.

Rather than getting all huffy with the credit card company - who for once, had nothing to do with it. I hung up and called the rental car place.

The representative on the phone informed me that she wasn't aware that her company ever accepted cash - even when returning the rental!

the billing "customer service" department does not have weekend hours and will not be available until Monday, 8am, CST. She did ask though "out of her own curiosity" If I had received a 'written receipt' or a 'electronic/printed receipt' I quickly explained that I had a printed receipt that showed a '$0' charged to my credit card and '$200' with the marker 'CS' next to it which the rental rep I left the car with explained stood for 'cash'

All I can say Is I will swiftly leave my Buddha-mindset and adopt a more Angry-black-male- mindset if this issue is not fixed within the week. It's bad enough I have a collection that no one bothered to tell me about - I definitely don't need a wild-west rental rep pocketing my $200 in cash and then charging my credit card too! To quote Norbit, 'hell-to-the no!'

Hopefully next week will be a better week all-around cause I'm quickly going from "zero-debt" to "average-American debt" and me no likey.

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