Monday, August 27, 2007

47 business magazines for $20? I'm in.

So, last week I spent $20 for two subscriptions to business magazines - My current favorite.

I paid $10 for 1 year, 25 issues of Fortune.

I also paid $10 for 2 years, 22 issues of Business 2.0.

Hopefully it was a good investment - I think it will be.

Both are affiliated with the financial website I probably visit the most. I was really interested in a Business 2.0 article on new businesses overseas in the latest issue.

I held off on buying the Fortune article about the world's *new* richest man. Seeing as I have already read it online.

It can become tiresome reading everything online sometimes it's nice to sit back on the couch and flip pages, rather than pointing and clicking...

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