Friday, August 24, 2007

Contest: Two words rap/rhyme/freestyle

Inspired by one of my friends who posted this on her blog just for fun, I've decided to do a 'two words' rhyme contest a la Kanye West & Mos Def. If you haven't ever heard the song - here's the video:

How it works: Just post a rhyme that is no more than two words per line in the comment's section of this post.

Prize: bragging rights, my eternal gratitude, a deep longing admiration and pretty much anything else I can give that has no monetary value whatsoever...In case I hadn't mentioned it, I'm back to broke again... I'll try and give 1st , 2nd & 3rd prize depending on the response.

Deadline: Friday, September 28th at around 10:00 PM EST +/- , that's right you have a little over a month to contribute.

Here's an example:

Two Words,

Debt Free

Not me

Thought so

turns out

bill collectors

hate me

OK - I know that was lame, so I know you can do a ton better so post whatever you like as long as it's not too offensive - extra points for finance related frustration!


zackattack said...

Get Money
my dude
Pay rent
Buy food

Rat race
All day
Gotta hustle
Get Paid

Take Bus
Drive Car
Choose One
Get Far

Choose Bad
Be Sad
Choose Right
Be Tight

Make sales
And commission
Never lost

Friends leave
Don't Care
Make Friends

Make Money
Right Now
Reggie B
Ready now

Gotta wait
Gotta study
Finish school
Get Money

Get Married
Have Kids
Just Like
Daddy did

Or May-be
No Ba-bies
On-ly Me

Want Love
All Alone
Empty Home
Gotta Show
Haters Wrong

Reggie, the black kid with good credit said...

Thank you

zack attack

first post

keep coming

nice post

keep flowing