Thursday, August 23, 2007

DANG it all ! cursed credit report surprises!

So I was messing around online and went to to try and get a peak at my free annual credit report. So I entered a little information and got a basic credit report and saw instead of '1' negative entry - which, has been paid for some time - I found '2' negative entries!

After investigating it further it turns out an old, $1600+ medical bill was reported right after I pulled my credit the last time, back in January of this year.

What annoys me is that the medical bill holder has not made any effort to contact me about the bill and the last time I spoke to them(over a year ago) they explained that I had settled my account with them.

My credit scores are now 'average' but, not 'good'.

Experian = 688

Equifax = 688

TransUnion =712

collection accounts always seem to seriously effect credit scores. I'm so frustrated right now, here I was, ready to start shopping for a ring for my girlfriend. As a mater of fact, I just asked her adopted parents yesterday if it would be OK to marry her and they both said 'yes'.

What really worries me is if/when I get in contact with my medical bill holder if they'll end up saying they have other bills that they want me to pay but, have decided not to contact me for a year about.

Good thing I'm gonna start hitting the gym soon. I'll need the stress relief.

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