Sunday, August 26, 2007

My name is Reggie, and I have a Tithing Problem (Karma's a b-)

I have been grappling for the last couple of days on why - in a Karmic sense - I had this unknown collection that just suddenly showed up on my credit report with no fore-warning.

After thinking about it a little bit I came to the realization that maybe God or some higher force is getting back at me for being overly stingy with my money and not tithing hardly anything. I've never really thought too highly of tithing, I mean God doesn't need the money - but after thinking about it the place where I worship does.

So today, I decided to actually put some effort towards tithing - as opposed to the usual $1-5 I've 'given' during my time in debt I instead gave 10% of my weekly income. It did make me feel a little bit better and quite honestly I think that's the most I've ever dropped at services period.

Hopefully, this is actually the cosmic mistake I made after becoming 'debt-free' (or so I thought) - I still contributed little to nothing to religious services saving the extra money for my own pleasure and mainly on junk food. I'm trying to change my ways and maybe the Man* Upstairs will show me a little slack in the financial catastrophe category for a couple months if not longer.
[crossing fingers now]

*who knows it could be a Woman

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