Sunday, August 12, 2007

Financial Goals for the week of 8/13/07, last weeks results

results from last week:

last week my solitary financial goal was to:

  1. Stop spending until next paycheck!
End result: FAILURE

There a multiple reasons for this week's failure. I had an unexpected 1st-job wedding shower that I was asked to contribute to at the last moment. I went out with co-workers on Thursday for lunch (instead of packing) which set me back about $6. I also decided to continue to celebrate being debt-free by going out and having a few drinks with a friend yesterday.

Altogether, I spent about $37. $27 of which I wasn't planning on spending. This effectively puts me about ($27) in the hole as far as what I've earned the past 2 weeks and what I've spent.

This week's (8/13/07) financial goals:

  1. To budget money for west-coast vacation, approx $600 available
  2. Save some of the vacation money, approx. $200, and put towards clothes shopping when I return
  3. Add full coverage to auto insurance while on trip ( to avoid paying rental companies insurance)
  4. Have frugal fun while on vacation
I'm not trying to set the bar too high this week, the main thing is I don't want to spend more than $600 while on my trip out west - I'll be leaving 8/17/07. I already have $160 set aside for a rental car. I'm trying to maintain a budget of $50 a day for me and my girlfriend as far as food & entertainment. Ideally this would leave me with $300 when I return on 8/22/07. Since I'm counting on unexpected expenses I'll give myself $100 in wiggle room for extra money, $300 in wiggle room for absolute maximum budget.

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