Wednesday, August 29, 2007

My *new* plan for becoming debt free in the next 3 months.

Seeing as I have been thrust back into the realm of 20-something debtors,I have decided it's time to make a couple changes in order to return to the less-stress realm of debt-free 20-somethings.

The following are a couple steps that will hopefully work out sooner than later:

  1. Use $200 of 'extra' spending money and immediately apply to Collection as a sign of good faith.
  2. Use new bank 0%- for 12 mos-card to pay off remaining $1400 so it is not showing as a 'negative' entry on my credit
  3. Reduce 401K contribution to 1% for the next several months - from the 3% it is currently at. This will free up $50-100 extra that I can devote directly to the new cards balance
  4. Put all extra discretionary money towards debt - this would be give or take $500-700 a month depending how it's spent
  5. Call medical center to make sure there are no lingering bills - that they don't want to call me about but, do want to submit to collections and damage my credit report with.
  6. Take a deep breath, then start searching for an engagement ring and Christmas gifts at the same time.
At some point I might have to find a part time gig as well but, I think I'd rather do something more freelance than retail. Submitting my book to publishers and/or working on art for my friend's children's book comes to mind.

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