Thursday, August 9, 2007

Compund interest is amazing...

I'm going through my records here and there and it looks like the first couple years that I decided not to to pay off my balance on my card monthly, it came to about $1,000 in interest and late charges(never over 30 days late though) so far - some of my old bills are missing though.

I think I'll try and add up all the interest paid over the next couple of days to see how much I've paid the credit card companies for being 'cool'.

In other news: My girlfriend just got done whining to me about how she does not have any money. I was not quite the sympathetic ear to lean on though. She was previously living with her adopted parents rent-free and saving probably half of her income, spending the other half.

Now she spends about 70-80% of her income on regular expenses. One of my requirements for getting a certain piece of jewelry for her was for her to move out of the parent's house. She's been on her own for the first time for a few months now. I'm proud of her, but every time she can't buy some 'frill' or get her nails done as often as she wants - she gets angry with me and calls me to let me know her displeasure.

In the end I believe this will be fore her benefit though. She is learning who she is as a person and learning how to budget (she has an envelope system) assuming we get married this will make her dealing with a family/household budget a lot easier. Otherwise I can see her and I having conflict on why we can't just buy whatever she wants - whenever she wants. Hopefully, it'll all work out for the best.

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