Thursday, August 30, 2007

'Will exercise for money' & rental car issue resolved

I will be entering a 'fitness' challenge this weekend. It is a 3 month challenge that has cash prizes of $5K, $3K & $1K for whoever looses the most - gains the most, gets toned-the most- etc. Since becoming focused on paying off the debt, my physical fitness has taken a serious hit - i.e., cheap food is not necessarily good food for you. My ability to lift weight has also suffered significantly. When I bend over I notice my once , toned, 'six-pack' is gone and has been replaced with a thin (for now) layer of flab. I don't want to add 'man-boobs' to the list. Plus, it will be fun to work out and know that I will be putting an extra $5k in my pocket next year sometime for looking good and being healthy.

In Other news, , earlier this week I spoke to the rental car company that was planning on charging me $200 to my credit card after I paid $200 in cash already. Luckily the matter was quickly resolved when they informed me that their credits generally take 5-7 days longer to process than charges (figures). So today I called my credit card company to check on the balance of my card. It stands at a whopping $25 (the cost of my credit report) and the minimum balance due is at $20. Good stuff.

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