Friday, August 24, 2007

24 hours and $1700 poorer...

So, as I was just beginning to enjoy my debt free status - I had that status quickly ripped from me when I pulled my credit late last night.

By pulling my credit it revealed that I had a medical bill collection on my credit from December 2006 which wasn't reported to my credit until February 2007 - 1 month after I checked my credit!

I called the collection agency today and asked if they had ever sent me a bill. They said "yes, back in December"

I asked them where they sent it to and confirmed my address but, I know I haven't received ANYTHING from them at all.

I asked if they ever called, "yes we called once in March" I never recall getting ANY call, as I know I would have called them back immediately.

I almost wanted to ask "Are you really in the collection business? you called once in March?"

With this new setback, I think I'll focus on getting engaged and put this bill on the back burner. So many thoughts, so little time.

I've already got another 0% card in the works which is loosely related to me loosing my cell phone(this is a whole 'nother story altogether). I might do the unthinkable, I might, buy a ring using a credit card and also put the collection on the credit card... if it's 0% and I can get a deal - a great deal actually with the ring, it might all work out for the best. I think I'll run and check on that option right now actually.

Anyone have any opinions?

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