Sunday, August 26, 2007

Financial goals for the week of 8/27/07, and results for the past 2 weeks

My financial goals for the week of 8/13/07 were:

  1. To budget money for west-coast vacation, approx $600 available - SUCCESS
  2. Save some of the vacation money, approx. $200, and put towards clothes shopping when I return - SUCCESS
  3. Add full coverage to auto insurance while on trip ( to avoid paying rental companies insurance) - SUCCESS
  4. Have frugal fun while on vacation - SUCCESS - I did have fun.

So it appears I was able to achieve all of my financial goals directly prior to my vacation. While on vacation though, I got a little nervous and lowered my expectations for week of 8/20/07:

"Goal for this week - not to break $150 + left in discretionary spending money until I've returned to Ohio." - SUCCESS

Fortunately I was able to obtain this goal as well as I had $201 on hand when I landed in Northeast, Ohio.

For this week I have quite a few new goals seeing as I am once again, no longer debt-free due to a $1600 medical bill that went to collections that I was never contacted about. I only found it after pulling my credit - expecting a great credit score.

I'll try my best not to whine about that too much but here are some goals for the next week:

  1. Call rental car place and find out why a $200 credit hasn't been placed on my credit card as I reimbursed them in cash once returning their rental car at the end of my vacation.
  2. Send payment of $200 to medical bill collector
  3. See if it's possible to get a new-new cell phone as my 2-day old cell does not have speaker phone. Send in cell phone rebate for $50 either way. (lost my cell phone on Friday)
  4. Make plan for paying off medical bill in the next 3 months (2 months if possible)
  5. Continue looking for an inexpensive-yet-dazzling engagement ring for my girlfriend (I've shopped around a little already and seriously thought about going further into debt for a literal steal on a healthy sized rock through my 2nd job that I thought someone was holding for me. Luckily, that associate apparently already sold the ring to someone else - so I don't have to worry about the irrational demon on my shoulder whispering 'charge it, charge it Reggie!")
Hopefully, the coming week will bring with it at least a few financial blessings. The end of this past week has not exactly helped me financially.

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