Thursday, August 28, 2008

Quote of the Week #48

“I've got a great ambition to die of exhaustion rather than boredom.”
-Thomas Carlyle
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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trying to regain my financial rhythm...

Over the past several weeks I have been thrown out of my normal routine and I doubt the 'normal' routine will return. The main reason being is that in the past several weeks I got married and now as the saying goes "until death do us part.." I am bound to find 'our' routine not just mine.

It is definitely taking taking some getting used to.

Wife With No Job.
The past week or so I was having a mini-panic attack because my wife was unemployed and did not seem too terribly bothered or upset as I was about that fact. Luckily she* just got a job this week so a lot of my financial worries have been silenced - or at least put on "mute".

All that wedding Money went straight to the kitchen
The other thing that was bothering me was that we got a decent amount (low 4-figures) of wedding financial gifts but, my wife wanted to spend them all for things for her kitchen & bedroom. I of course, wanted to put them all straight into a high-yield money-market. We compromised and I let her have about $500 worth of gift cards & cash while I used the rest to go to savings and outstanding wedding bills owed to my adopted in-laws.

In-Laws come to visit
My real in laws dropped in for a visit last weekend and we fed them and drove them around to see the sights. They are from a country a good 3,000-4,000 miles away from us it was good to finally sit down with them and get to know them. That is "good" up until they asked us to play a DVD for a Multi-level Marketing scheme they had "introduced" my wife to and hoped to "introduce" me to as well. To be honest I would've probably signed up just to appease the in-laws until I learned the least expensive thing you could sign up for was $520 "US". I had to politely decline but, I think they may be a little bit sore about it. They also left us paintings made by one of my wife's cousins. This may be a little bit more promising though. We visited a few local art galleries and a few were very receptive - we just need to work on the presentation a little more is the main thing.

Trying to get Budgeted
Right after my in-laws left, my wife and I went over our estimated finances with her new job. Again we're in the process of compromising on a few things. She would like to have "walking around money" while I would like to have "walking to the bank money".

Overall I think the married life will work out for the best we just both need to learn to compromise. We also may need a new computer (I'm at the library again) I think the viruses have won the battle against our CPU, another added expense.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Back from the honeymoon...

So I've returned from the honeymoon. Now I'm a married man.

I think it might take some adjusting, getting used to the married life and what not. Hopefully we'll be able to learn to compromise although we're both a tad on the stubborn side.

I guess I also need to touch up on my English 101 - recent and not-so-recent typo's and mistakes are being noted. Needless to say I was not an English major but, I like to write. Is that wrong? I hope not.

The finances will be OK for at least a little while due to some thoughtful (cash) wedding gifts. Now it's just a matter of refocusing on goals again - a vacation on an island tends to make one 9me) forget.

Monday, August 4, 2008

July Results/August Goals

Here are my goals for July 2008:

1. Break even or Increase Net Worth -SUCCESS

2. Set up website for business - SUCCESS*

3.Set up checking account for business - FAILURE

4. Get business cards for business - FAILURE

I will update the details a bit later but right now I've got to work on some more pressing concerns.

August goals:

I might just postpone these until after the big day but, I'd say at least one would be:

1) Setting up a family budget.

July Net Worth: +16.81%

So it looks like - my Net Worth took a nice turn for the better this past month. However, looks can be deceiving and a large portion of this increase will eventually go to wedding expenses. Next month we will be the interesting month. Once one financial picture is joined to the other.

Do I just keep track of my checking when it's really our checking?

Will we come home from the wedding with many unexpected expenses or many thoughtful presents?

Will I be able to mold a seemingly spendthrift* fiance, into a frugal wife?

Will my fiance be able to get a decent job once relocating?

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered next month.

*I have no real proof that my fiance is a 'spendthrift' per say - it just seems that more and more expenses are being tacked on to replace those that have been reduced. And my fiance does not seem to want to haggle or question any face-value price. She also won't let me get involved with negotiating at all or tell me who she's negotiating with. Which is frustrating when I am two hours away and can do little to stop her from paying...full price(sigh).