Monday, August 4, 2008

July Net Worth: +16.81%

So it looks like - my Net Worth took a nice turn for the better this past month. However, looks can be deceiving and a large portion of this increase will eventually go to wedding expenses. Next month we will be the interesting month. Once one financial picture is joined to the other.

Do I just keep track of my checking when it's really our checking?

Will we come home from the wedding with many unexpected expenses or many thoughtful presents?

Will I be able to mold a seemingly spendthrift* fiance, into a frugal wife?

Will my fiance be able to get a decent job once relocating?

All these questions and more will hopefully be answered next month.

*I have no real proof that my fiance is a 'spendthrift' per say - it just seems that more and more expenses are being tacked on to replace those that have been reduced. And my fiance does not seem to want to haggle or question any face-value price. She also won't let me get involved with negotiating at all or tell me who she's negotiating with. Which is frustrating when I am two hours away and can do little to stop her from paying...full price(sigh).

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