Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Trying to regain my financial rhythm...

Over the past several weeks I have been thrown out of my normal routine and I doubt the 'normal' routine will return. The main reason being is that in the past several weeks I got married and now as the saying goes "until death do us part.." I am bound to find 'our' routine not just mine.

It is definitely taking taking some getting used to.

Wife With No Job.
The past week or so I was having a mini-panic attack because my wife was unemployed and did not seem too terribly bothered or upset as I was about that fact. Luckily she* just got a job this week so a lot of my financial worries have been silenced - or at least put on "mute".

All that wedding Money went straight to the kitchen
The other thing that was bothering me was that we got a decent amount (low 4-figures) of wedding financial gifts but, my wife wanted to spend them all for things for her kitchen & bedroom. I of course, wanted to put them all straight into a high-yield money-market. We compromised and I let her have about $500 worth of gift cards & cash while I used the rest to go to savings and outstanding wedding bills owed to my adopted in-laws.

In-Laws come to visit
My real in laws dropped in for a visit last weekend and we fed them and drove them around to see the sights. They are from a country a good 3,000-4,000 miles away from us it was good to finally sit down with them and get to know them. That is "good" up until they asked us to play a DVD for a Multi-level Marketing scheme they had "introduced" my wife to and hoped to "introduce" me to as well. To be honest I would've probably signed up just to appease the in-laws until I learned the least expensive thing you could sign up for was $520 "US". I had to politely decline but, I think they may be a little bit sore about it. They also left us paintings made by one of my wife's cousins. This may be a little bit more promising though. We visited a few local art galleries and a few were very receptive - we just need to work on the presentation a little more is the main thing.

Trying to get Budgeted
Right after my in-laws left, my wife and I went over our estimated finances with her new job. Again we're in the process of compromising on a few things. She would like to have "walking around money" while I would like to have "walking to the bank money".

Overall I think the married life will work out for the best we just both need to learn to compromise. We also may need a new computer (I'm at the library again) I think the viruses have won the battle against our CPU, another added expense.

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Anonymous said...

oh man, i know how difficult it is when family and money mix together. my best advice: don't let it happen! stick to your guns and eventually they'll get the message.