Sunday, August 5, 2007

Financial Goals for week of 8/6/07

For this coming week, I have one main goal:

  1. Stop spending until next paycheck!
I think I immediately over-reacted to being debt free and almost outspent my budget:

I had about $160 available to spend on what I wanted - and boy did I!

Over the weekend, I went to work at the 2nd job on Friday and Saturday. While there, I ate mall food on both days Friday for about $4, Saturday for about $7.

Also On Friday I bought a publication that I had been meaning to buy to congratulate myself - it set me back about $16. I also gave 3 -weeks notice at my 2nd job - mainly so I can go on a shopping spree once back from vacation.

While at work on Saturday I realized my dress shirt was a little tattered and I bought a new one for about $8 with all the discounts. On Saturday, after work, on the way to visit my girlfriend I bought a $2 energy drink from the gas station. Once I got to my girlfriend's place we went and got something quick to eat at a semi-fast food place that set me back $7. We wanted to go see a movie but, beforehand I told her I wanted to try and look at some shoes at a department store. We did and she picked out a pair that she liked since my current sense of style is 'Sooo 2003'. The shoes were reasonably priced but set me back about $31 & change. Then we went to the movie and I paid $16 & change. My girlfriend wanted to get popcorn there too but the last shred of cheapskate in me wouldn't allow me to spend any money on the popcorn. She bought some for herself instead.

Today(Sunday) we went to breakfast before going to her friend's church. She ordered steak & eggs, orange juice, coffee, I ordered a waffle combo & coffee. When the bill came my 'spend-what-you-want' budget took another $25 hit. Then we went to her friend's church for services offering/tithing knocked the budget down some more. My girlfriend did cook a very tasty steak & rice dinner for me at $0 so that was great!When leaving and heading home today, I filled my half-full tank and that took my budget down by another $16...

I haven't done all of the math yet or balanced my checkbook - which I plan to do tomorrow - but, from my running total I have in my head I think I spent a total of $150 on unplanned/unnecessary purchases in the course of 3 days. On Friday I was hopeful that I could spread out the $160 so that I would have $80 to spend this week and $80 to spend next week.

Honestly, I don't feel too terribly bad about this - seeing as I did need to blow off some financial steam. I just know that if I want to achieve a goal of retiring in my 40's, spending behavior like this will have to stop. I plan to spend the last $10 on food /celebration lunch with co-workers possibly.

In other news, I just checked my [shiny red 0% card] balance and the female, automated voice kindly told me "Your current balance is $0!" OK, maybe I just added the exclamation mark but, if that computer had any idea what I've been through to get to that $0 she would have been exclaiming too! IT'S OFFICIAL I'M DEBT FREE!!!!!!!!

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