Thursday, August 2, 2007

August 2007 - Financial Goals

After the first month of keeping track of my financial state, I've decided to set some financial & semi-financial goals:

  1. Raise net worth to $8,200 -this is a very small increase but, I will be spending money out West while on vacation later this month. I will also be going on a much deserved 'spending spree' mainly to buy clothes once I get back
  2. Raise passive income to 'double digits' i.e., $10 or more -this is something I want to focus on more in the future. $5-7 in interest a month is not too impressive.
  3. Work with friend on children's book illustration. -I have a friend who wanted me to illustrate a children's book she is working on - only in the planning stage now.
  4. Call at least 5 book agent's about their submission process -This is probably the goal I'll have the least time to face but, I guess before I faced my debt, I thought I had 'no time' to face that either. This will truly be a challenge.
  5. Pay off debt [verify it's paid off] - self explanatory

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