Monday, July 16, 2007

19 days to go....

So I just got a letter from the state of Ohio that informed me

"The state of Ohio has confirmed that your name and social security number was contained on a computer back-up device that was stolen. It is unlikely that someone can access the data...."

I've been reading the news and the issue all stems from a genius State Intern who decided to leave his loaner, state-owned laptop on his car seat (rumor has it with the doors unlocked). I was pretty much ignoring this local news story but now I have the right to be paranoid.

I wasn't really paranoid about becoming an identity 'theft' victim because I'm guessing any good criminal would try and set up accounts for people in 'affluent' neighborhoods first but, I guess I need to take the free credit monitoring if the State is offering.

NOW at least I know what's taking so long to get my freaking refund - they lost my check - or something! I need to call them.

Honestly I'm not worried but I will be extremely pissed If I pull my credit (after my debt is paid off) and find a new car loan and/or a $10,000 credit card bill. I might find the thief myself and bludgeon him(or have my girl bludgeon a 'her') to death, or at least incapacitate them.

In other news - 19 days until I am debt free. Hopefully no new debt arises...

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