Saturday, July 21, 2007

14 days to go...

So I worked pretty long and pretty late yesterday.

I have a lot of work to do today including:
  • dropping off a bill,
  • dropping off the rent (yup a week and a half early so I don't have to worry!)
  • going to 1st job to play 'catch-up'
  • going to 2nd job
  • updating my budget on the web - assuming I have time
Oh, and this is supposed to be a relaxing Saturday...oh well. Tomorrow I'm doing much of the same.

In the meantime or when/if I get a break - I'm going to try and figure out if I want to actually USE the gumball machine that I bought over a year ago and has since been collecting dust. It lacks gumballs/'super-balls' and a stand. I bought it right around the time I was racking my brain for every possible way to make money & cut expenses - so I incurred an investment of about $60 which has netted me a whopping $0 since purchase.

I thought of the vending industry as a great way to create passive income.

Who knew you had to actually take about a half-hour of initiative and find someplace you can place the gumball machines. I had a great location planned - a laundry mat - until the owner and I had a dispute. So since then, I have let good ole' procrastination set in and I my pocket is $60 lighter from last year with nothing really to show for it thus far.

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