Saturday, July 14, 2007

Expensive engagements & really direct marketing

As I might have mentioned before I have an impending engagement in the next 3-6 Mos give or take. I asked one of my friends who has a knack for making larger-than life impressions about what I might do for an engagement. He promptly e-mailed what this GUY did.

Here's an excerpt from the attached e-mail:

> My friend Rob just got engaged a couple of months
> ago. He told me that God
> was unfolding a vision in his life over the span of
> about a year and then he
> put faith to feet and made it happen. He sent me
> over the slide show today
> and after I watched it I sat here almost in tears.
> Just to give you a brief
> synopsis of what went on (And yes I did get Rob and
> Keisha's permission to
> share this great story with all of you)...Rob and
> Keisha dated for about 4
> years. And he knew that she was the one...but he had
> to save up for all
> that God had prompted him to do for her. So in short
> what you are about to
> see happen on April 28th....he rented out 10 rooms
> in the Ritz Carlton in
> buckhead and invited about 50-60 people to be there
> for this special
> night...Keisha had to go from room to room and in
> each room were people who
> were special to them....his boys...her girls...her
> Bible Study group....his
> parents...her parents..etc. and everybody in each
> room had questions that
> she had to answer to be able to move to the next
> room and before she left
> each room the people there would pray over
> you have to watch each
> room to see how that goes...he chose roses because
> Keisha aunt who passed
> suddenly loved roses and he bought some of the
> dipped in gold because of the
> stories in the Bible about Solomon and how
> everything was dipped in gold and
> the song that you hear playing in the background was
> the same song that was
> played at Keisha aunts funeral, she was like a
> second mom to Keisha.
> Here's the video (if the link doesn't word the first
> time, just keep
> refreshing it - it's def worth seeing):

Assuming the link works, you'll see a photo slide show of a gentleman and his elaborate proposal for his girlfriend. I'm not sure I've heard of a whole lot of people going above and beyond what this guy did. I'm not sure that I would want to go above and beyond it.When I stop and think of all the expense he went through just to propose - the flowers, the luxury hotel room(s), organizing family & friends etc... I wonder what the wedding will look like? Hopefully they'll live happily ever after.

In other news - Direct marketers are getting better and better at their trade. The following is a picture of a recent offer I got in the mail:

There's nothing particularly odd or wrong about this offer other than the fact that it is for a Chicago Cubs credit card and I LIVE IN OHIO! Coincidentally enough, I do happen to be a Chicago Cubs fan -BUT, this is not something I share on the first or even the 5th time I meet someone. What I am wondering is how in the world did the marketers know so much info about me to know to send a Chicago Cubs card offer to little ole' me sitting here in Ohio. If it were a random mailing, a Cleveland Indians or Cincinatti Reds card offer would have made much more sense - teams that are both 2-3 hours away give or take. The fact that this offer is for a team that is over 450 miles (and/or 6 1/2 hours) away makes me suspect someone at the credit card companies knows a wee bit too much info on me. So much for me slowly letting go of my 'black paranoia'. Oh well.

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