Monday, July 23, 2007

V is for Victory - I'm DEBT FREE!

I officially determined my debt is paid off yesterday. I'm in kind of a good mood. I thought I'd add some mood music:

If You've never seen V for Vendetta - don't hit play. If you have, in this scene I play 'Evie'-short hair & all - while the credit card companies play "V"

This scene, the 'God is in the rain' scene, I think makes a good analogy of what I've gone through over the last several years. I've been trapped and lived a tortured life pretty much of my own making. At any time I could have given up all hope but a little over a year ago I made a decision that I needed to be free from this debt if it was the last thing I did. Now, as I've accomplished this goal I realize this experience, being in debt, was a necessary life lesson that I won't soon forget. This lesson from the school of hard knocks has also allowed me to appreciate the benefits of saving much more than I did beforehand and hopefully, with some willpower I'll be able to realize the benefits of budgeting as well.

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