Friday, July 6, 2007

Happy hour cost $4.50, t-minus 10 minutes till MAXED OUT

So, the happy hour wasn't as much of dent to the budget as I was expecting...

A former boss stopped by to wish my friend 'Judith' well and she ended up paying for our first two rounds of drinks. Then I ended up getting some Mozzarella sticks at half-price that and free water. My total bill came to a whopping $3.50, being the generous man that I am I tipped the server $1 so the total came to $4.50. (or a 28% tip - that's right I'm 'tha big spenda')

With a little bit of liquor in me I was almost ready to go out and spend some more as I have a pocket full of cash ( that was meant to go into a Money Market today but never quite made it) However, fate would have that another friend I was going to hang out with 'Jack' & I never quite caught a hold of each other until I was a block away from my house and 99.8% sober.

Now instead, I'll prepare to watch my 2-week in the waiting DVD Maxed Out. Hopefully my over-anticipation of this DVD will not make my expectations of it unattainable. I'll soon find's documentary time!

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