Thursday, July 5, 2007

Just got paid, it's friday...morning

So I got paid from my primary job today.

I did some rudimentary calculations and determined that "Reggie" will be debt free on 8/3/07 - and verifiably [I guess it's not a word but I'm using it anyway] debt free (as in able to call the credit card company and hear an automated voice say "your current balance is zero dollars , your available credit is ..." ) as of 8/9/07 or so. That was a great feeling up until I got home and found a $122 bill that may throw me off until the 2nd pay period in August. Arrrgh [also not a word]!!!

I'm supposed to be heading on Vacation in August too and I was hoping it would be a debt-free journey to the wild west. I do have 2 possible sources of income that can throw me back on track:

  1. A lost/incorrectly deposited check from my 2nd job (for a little more than $150)
  2. A lost/not yet received tax return( for about $175) from the last of the 4 agencies I have to pay each year - living where I do. I did my taxes in February so I'm unsure what the tax man is doing...probably earning interest on it to help build bombs, arrest more black people or something constructive like that.
One bright spot of today, other than being paid my meager wage, was the purchase of Maxed Out Since I did have to work the 2nd job today I will watch the movie in its entirety tomorrow, after My good friend's happy hour - I'm shooting for no more than $20 spent at the happy hour but, when alcohol is involved that figure generally creeps upward.

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