Sunday, July 1, 2007

June 2007 Net worth, and other news...

So I went to and set up a 'Net Worth Account" and it almost made feel better about the fact that the Amusement Park won the battle of the budget yesterday.

Assuming, I posted the link correctly, it appears that my net worth is somewhere about $1,000 more than I was expecting it to be based off of my original Guesstimate of $4-5K.

Yesterday, though me and my girlfriend went to an Amusement Park and brought with us packed lunches and snacks in a large book bag in order to avoid paying for much past admission. Of course it appears that this particular Amusement Park has gotten wise to this frugal practice; as we attempted to get in line for our first ride we were immediately stopped and informed that 'no backpacks or bags' are NOT allowed in line. Seeing as we did not want to walk all the way back to the entrance and then through parking lot in order to put the bag back. we decided to use the convenient, 1-time use lockers for $2 a pop.

We rode a couple other rides without the bag and then we both got hungry. So we went back to the locker - had our packed lunch and brought some packed water bottles along with us for the wait. We then dropped off our bag again for another $2 and proceeded to ride some more rides for a couple hours. My girlfriend paid for parking($10) and gas($27) - I paid for admission($60).

Towards the mid afternoon - early evening- My girlfriend mentioned that she was hungry, I mentioned that I was again broke, and she quickly mentioned how she paid for parking and gas and the park food smelt 'really good'. Of course I gave in and regrettably went to the ATM where I was quickly charged with a $2.50 for the 'privilege' of using their ATM (I guessing my bank charged $2.50 as well for going outside their network) and taking out a whopping $20.

We went to get her a turkey leg for $5-something and a burger and fry combo for me for 8- something - when tax was added I had just spent nearly $15 for quite possibly the worst burger I've ever paid for. At which point I began to get upset because I knew my bank account was quickly approaching the single digits. We headed back to her place shortly after this.

I was grumpy the whole way home but luckily, we talked about it and I brought up the fact that her father had mentioned a dowry/bride price last time I emailed him. She said she had explained to him and her mom that that's not the way we do things here in the USA and she would have a talk with him and let him know we (I) won't be paying any 'bride price' anytime soon - if at all. That took a lot of pressure off me psychologically.

I also made a guesstimate calculation (in my head) on whether I can pay off my credit card debt by the end of July. - It turns out I can, If I knock my money market savings down to just under a thousand dollars. I don't think I'm comfortable doing that though but, we'll see.

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Debt Hater said...

Amusement parks are never a cheap date! But I think you did pretty well on the concessions.
Whether you should dip into your money market account to pay down your debt depends on interest -- if the debt is at a higher rate than you're making with your MMA, then just pay off the debt. If not, you might want to pay the debt down more slowly... though, if I was one payment away from debt freedom, I'd just go for it! Especially since you aren't emptying your MMA to do it.