Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Approaching 30 hours...

I am pretty darn happy about the fact that I was able to talk people into having a Happy-hour this Friday (after I get paid) instead of Today(when I have borrowed $100 from my Money Market) .

So I still have not spent a red cent...YES!

In other news I got a final(final, final) notice from Money magazine about my 'renewal instructions'. I have received about 5-8 notices from Money since my subscription ran out in March/April. I was holding out and holding out for a price similar to what I signed up for -$10 for a year.

The previous renewal offers were for $19 then they dropped down to $14.95 for the year, this most recent renewal offer came to 10.95 - but after reviewing the fine print it is only for 10 months, not the full year term I was shooting for.

I will probably end up going with an offer I received from one of Money's sister magazine's; FORTUNE - they offered the full year for $10 along with 13 extra 'bonus' issues. Overall, I think it's a much better offer, hopefully though they'll refrain from sending fake 'past due' notices if I decide not to renew.

That's exactly what another financial magazine sent me after I intentionally let my subscription lapse after a year, - I was none too pleased to get a 'past due' notice when I already paid for what I wanted; 1-year of the financial magazine no more no less. I'm curious if the magazine company was breaking any laws by labeling the mail as 'past due', 'overdue', etc...but a 2nd phone call to the company quickly ceased the junk mail.

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