Thursday, July 26, 2007

9 days to go...(single digits y'all!)

So I'm down to 9 days to go till I'm debt free.

I am not awake at all right now though.

I have the day off today but I might go to work - Have I mentioned I need a new job?

I called my electric company for my balance. They continue to send out my bill later and later in the month, throwing off my check-book balancing. The amount came to just a couple dollars under what I was expecting and I did the math:

Once I'm paid next week, I'll take out about $335 for my remaining debt, $100 for food and gas for the next 2 weeks, $100 for insurance and gym membership, $220 I'll hold onto and/or give to my girlfriend for our vacation.

Give or take, that will leave me with about $120-$140 in debt-free celebration cash. Not a whole lot but I guess it's better than just $5

OK, time to sleep in some more.

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