Friday, July 20, 2007

15 days to go...

So I got paid by my second job today and got a little bit more than I was expecting they are also increasing my hours slightly.

Barring a unexpected termination, Operation Debt-free is in full effect and on schedule.

I have this weird feeling I might just get overconfident to the point of insolence and tell all my bosses ( and I have many layers of bosses) that they can just shove it. I think I'll be able to maintain my cool though.

I picked up a jewelry flyer today while on break at my 2nd job. The prices actually all look pretty decent but I have no money - except credit - in order to pay for anything. The jewelry store offers 'free' financing for 1 year as long as you pay on time - assuming you don't pay on time or you wait over a year to pay it off it immediately goes to a 22% interest rate.

Very tempting but I think it will be so much more gratifying to go into a jewelry store with a wad of 'Benjamin's' in my pocket and just flap them on top the display case.

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