Tuesday, July 24, 2007

11 days to go? ... a potential snag (sigh)

So my girlfriend was going to pay for our vacation's hotel & rental car online initially and I was going to pay her back next week.

However, my girlfriend already has a hefty amount on her credit card from a recent trip she had to visit a friend a couple states over. Adding our vacation to her credit card would put her debt/credit ratio pretty darn close 100%. Her credit line is pretty close to my gross, biweekly salary for just the 1st job.

So, I might have to step up and put the cost of the hotel & the rental car on my shiny red 0% card. This would definitely push me back a week or so in the goal. Assuming my girlfriend can't pay me back for her half next week.

By purchasing the hotel & rental online today I know we'll probably save at least $100 bucks in the long run.

I'm also debating whether I should call her 'foster parents' and explain I want to 'talk to them' about the "M-word" - I might drive up and have a sit down while my girlfriend is at work. That will at least get some of the pressure off....

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