Sunday, July 22, 2007

13 days to go....

So today,

I got a long over-due oil change. Unfortunately, all of the places I had coupons for are apparently closed on Sundays. I got one at a place that charged me $30 + tax (about $10 more than the average coupon) I don't feel bad about it though because I was starting to worry about my poor car which - unbeknownst to me - just passed the 170,000 mile mark.

I have to go to work at my 2nd job again today and I really don't want to.

Yesterday, I had someone in 2nd-job management bring up the fact that I hadn't yet 'enticed' a customer to obtain a store credit card. I was on the 'Zero-list' as they call it. 'Zero' as in - "Zero store credit applications obtained for the month"

I almost literally spat out the fact that 1) I did not care and 2) I was happy to be on such a list. But instead, I held my tongue when I recalled that I do not yet have enough to pay off my debt and still have an emergency $1000 laying around.

So later yesterday I did entice a very nice man to get a store credit card only to have him wait another half hour while a more experienced co-worker tried to apply the 10% discount to his order with no avail - the computer system/cash register would not accept it for some reason. We eventually got a manager to come over and handle the situation -45 minutes later.

Luckily, I am no longer on the 'zero-list'. Due to this incident though, I've made my decision on whether I should 'stay' or 'go'; as soon as my long period of indebtedness comes to an end -13 days or less hopefully- I will be tendering my resignation from 2nd job once again, no guilty conscience in tow this time.

Needless to say, after last night's incident, I'll be selectively 'forgetting' to ask people if they'd like to 'SAVE' 10% simply by going into debt!

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Bloggrrl said...

Good for you. You know, I wish we could just relate to each other like human beings in these situations, instead of $$$. I'd quit too.