Monday, July 30, 2007

5 days to go...till I'm DeBt FreE!!

OH man,

I did not really want to work today. I just kept thinking of all the things I'll be able to (ideally) do come Friday:

  • pay more than $20 for groceries every week
  • save a lot more than I am saving now
  • buy clothes - BUY new CLOTHES!!!
  • buy new shoes
  • two words: dry cleaning
  • eat out a couple times a week - guilt-free
  • subscribe to some magazines
  • buy some books
  • possibly get cable again
  • pay more for dates with my girlfriend (no more $1 theater)
  • did I mention - buy some books?
  • save for a piece of Jewelry for my impatient girlfriend
  • the list goes on...
My only real fear is that once I have that financial freedom again after a decade-long (or longer - I'll check) wait, I might overreact and begin spending outside my means again. I think this $18,000 several year lesson from the prestigious School of Hard Knocks won't be soon forgotten though.

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