Tuesday, July 31, 2007

July 2007 - Net Worth

So my net-worth for July appears to have increased about 10%. This is a little premature of course as I plan to rid myself of at least 20% of my Assets side over the next few days while simultaneously eliminating 100% of my Liabilities side - i.e., credit cards.

As far as liquid assets go - this will decrease my liquidity by almost 2/3rds - ouch! But it's worth it. Financial freedom I can almost taste it!

My car did appear to depreciate about 4%. Balancing that out - my 401K ended up appreciating about 4% so no real decline in the assets after the impending 'debt-free' check is written.

I wonder if I should put that in bold letters on the Memo section:


Somehow I think they might assess an 'impolite debtor' finance charge for that so I think I'll hold off.

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