Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy 4th of July, now buy me a ring...

It's been a pretty low-key 4th of July today. I am holding off on spending anything until I get paid tomorrow so I've been lounging around the house, cleaning and reading blogs.

I checked out an old blog from Get Rich Slowly. The blog talks about the price of an engagement ring - which I may very well be looking for (and saving for) in the next few months.
Almost more interesting than the blog itself were the multiple responses.

Ironically, as I was perusing through the responses, My girlfriend called. Over the course of our conversation she mentioned how she would be 'really upset' if she weren't married and/or getting married by this time next year. She also mentioned how her adopted parents had asked if they should be expecting any wedding plans next summer.

We've been dating for just over a year but her family and friends happen to be ultra conservative and appear to think everyone should get engaged after 6 months or something. I love her, I really do but, man oh man the whining about a ring is starting to get on my nerves - I believe it also sucks any and all romance out of a proposal. Aren't girls supposed to be surprised by a unique proposal when they least expect it? That's how I always imagined it anyway...

I did want to get her a nice 1 ct ring - but this would require saving. Assuming I do pay off the debt in the next month & a half I figure I'll just get a decent ring and an OK diamond that may be replaced later down the road. I guess after reading up a little bit on engagement ring resale - it appears that It might not be the great investment I had originally thought.

I also am not too keen on promoting the African Diamond trade that, from what I hear, doesn't promote or help the Africans so much.


TMAC said...

I hear ya man. I had a friend who was living with his GF for the better part of a year and all I heard from MY girlfriend is how my buddy should have proposed to her already. Then when the time finally came - people were like, "It's about time!" Where did the romance and surprise go?


Moneymonk said...

Wow, I have to admit: I love the title of your blog! Cool.

I say if you are looking for a ring. Try Costco. They have a good selection. Diamonds are the highest markup. Invest in diamond stocks or precious metals instead.

Don't let her pressure you into marriage. Take your time.

Good luck, my brother