Wednesday, July 25, 2007

10 days to go...

So at my 1st job - we had a meeting with my bosses' bosses' boss. He basically told our group that we can expect more work and less staffing. He also explained that we shouldn't worry about 'rumors' that departments might be getting down-sized. He said something to the effect of:

"you can e-mail me directly if you have any questions about the 'changes' coming through"

yeah right. I'm not worried though he seemed to have sincerity that no jobs would be lost or moved in the next 3 months. I only need a little under 2 weeks to have this debt-monkey removed from my back so that's cool with me. Shortly thereafter I will be actively looking for a new position.

Speaking of my debt monkey - the shiny red 0% card - They sent me a mailer today. It appears they're slowly catching onto the fact that I intend to make them exactly 0 cents in interest off of me. Here's the main portion of the mailer:

"Thanks for your balance transfer -
but there's so much more.
Your [shiny red 0%] Rewards Visa (R) card is too good to be kept in a drawer Use it to reach your everyday goals...from filing up your tank to funding major home improvements.

It's an everyday card with special rewards. Your Rewards card gives you a full 1% in [shiny red 0%] Dollars (R) with every purchase. Once you've earned 50 or more [shiny red 0%] Dollars you can redeem and apply them toward the [shiny red 0%] product of your choice.

Put your recurring payments like the cable and electric bills as well as frequent purchases such as groceries, gas and clothing on your Rewards card to keep all of your expenses in order. Just use your statement to easily track all of your expenses. (Plus your [shiny red 0%] Dollars will really start to add up!)

Use these coupons provided by Visa to save on your next purchase and start earning [shiny red 0%] Dollars!"

OH so tempting & easy charge my monthly expenses to a credit card? I think I'll go do that n....HEY wait a second, isn't that how I got myself into this mess in the first place? I think I'll pass for now Shiny red 0% [for now] card. Nice try though...

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