Wednesday, July 11, 2007

[edited] recruiter annoyance

I was annoyed at a recruiter...not as much now as I did earlier today but, I wish she would just listen.

I work for a fairly well sized company and I'm trying to make a lateral or slightly vertical shift, away form my current position. I want to switch to a different specific department and unlike other departments - there appears to be only 1 recruiter for those types of positions.

I always send her my resume, a cover letter detailing the multitude of reasons why I would be a good fit for the position and she reluctantly calls me (or my boss) and tries to give the benefit of the doubt by giving me a 'screener interview' over the phone.

I can tell when I'm explaining myself she is just going out of her way to listen for reason's NOT to give me an in-person interview.

Of the 4 times I've applied, at least 2 of the positions have been listed as 'entry level'. When I talk to her on the phone though she says "well actually we're looking for 3 years of experience in 'ABC systems'"

When I tell her "I have the the 3 years experience in 'ABC systems'" she says "Well we're looking for 3 years of experience in ABC systems with a XYZ emphasis..."

She of course ended the conversation today by stating " I don't feel you have the right skill set...."

At this point I was frustrated because I love my company yet, HATE my job. I asked her point blank what I need to do in order to get an interview - she said 'get more experience' a general vague reference and I have a suspicion that experience is not the issue here - I have plenty.

Another problem is that we have no kind of rapport whatsoever I'm beginning to think this recruiter doesn't like me. I'm already beginning to dislike her.

I simply want to work in a less stressful position, with better pay so I can have some 'me-time' at some point during the week.

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