Sunday, July 15, 2007

20-days to go....

That is hypothetically, 20 days to go before I become debt free.

Of course this bars any other major financial setbacks this week. I had a couple this weekend;
  1. My GF & I went to a movie on Saturday morning. The movie was free through work and I fed the meter for exactly the 2 hours we would need but when I came back 1:40 later there was a ticket on windshield. I had 22 minutes left on the meter. Then I read the ticket and it noted the $40 bill/ticket(arrrgh!!!) was due to my lack of a front plate on my vehicle. For as long as I can remember I believe that Ohio has been a single-plate (on the back) state but apparently the meter maid thought differently.
  2. I hung out with a friend at a bar Last night. I was attempting to just sit and drink water but I guess I was looking a little too bored. So of course the friend decided to buy a pitcher of some type of margarita and said "I could get the next round" - I hate that 'I'll buy then you buy trick' - the next round was at 'hipper' bar. I ordered the drinks, then asked the bartender what the current tab was. The bartender gave this condescending look then a few seconds later said $13. I considered giving no tip due to the condescending look [Excuuuuse me, for not wanting to go into debt for a temporary social poisoning]but decided on $2, and $15 was all I ended up paying.
I also paid for dinner on Friday and lunch on Saturday for my girl but I figured this would be coming anyway.

Luckily I decided not to go in on Lottery tickets with my girlfriend on Friday. She spent $20 and said I could keep 10% of her winnings. An hour prior , I had explained to her and my brother that the 'Lottery is just a tax on the poor'. She dismissed this and said that the Lotto is 'fun'. 2 'fun' hours later she was 11 dollars poorer. She did make a $9 return off of two of the 10 cards that she bought. So in essence her return was about (correct me if I'm wrong) negative 55%!! I told her she could keep the $0.90 that she earned me. At least she had fun, right?


Single Ma said...

LOL yea, at least she had fun! Sometimes we have to work 'fun' into our budgets. We all have our vices.

You are going to fight that ticket right?

Reggie, the black kid with good credit said...

If I have time, yeah I will fight the ticket. time is on a premium lately though.