Monday, July 2, 2007

It's been 5 hours and I haven't spent anything yet...

So today, in order to avoid an unnecessary use of Credit Card I made the decision to relieve my Money Market account of $100. I felt bad when I looked at my balance receipt but I felt more confident as I walked out. I now know without any doubt I'll be able to make it to Thursday without any major issues -(God willing...).

MY major, and possibly only, obstacle is an impending happy hour that I'm planning to attend tomorrow. Money and liquor do not mix well, especially when both are in MY hands simultaneously. I figure I can spend up to $20 without making myself mad and at the same time not looking too cheap to co-workers (as if I didn't already).

I have gone over 5 successful hours without spending a cent of the $100.00
- I know that record will come crashing down tomorrow but, hopefully that will be the single exception.

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