Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Oh no...I'm addicted

I have a very obsessive/addictive personality. I used to be addicted to TV, in College - drinking, then TV again, then working out, video games, now it appears I am clearly addicted ...to financial blogs.

I blame Make Love Not Debt most for this addiction. I was amazed, inspired, and enthralled by the fact that their initial debt a few years back was almost more than I've made in my ENTIRE life.
I became more inspired that since that time they have cut that debt by more half. Him and Her are both amusing and informative so it wasn't hard for me to get addicted.

Of course they have links to another great Financial Blog - Mapgirl's Fiscal Challenge which got me wise to whole Net worth Calculator thing. I can't tell you how great it was to see that my net worth is better than expected.

Mapgirl of course has links on her site to several great financial blogs.

For a while there I was thinking that I was the only black person (on the web anyway) who cared about personal finance. That is of course until I saw Mapgirl's link to Debt Hater's excellent blog. Boy was I wrong...This is definitely 1 sister who is concerned about the finances.

Then, while looking around on DH's blog I noticed a link to Single Ma's Fabulous Financials which proved me wrong, twice, about black people and money. Single Ma has her stuff together. I feel sorry for any car salesman that try and approach her with any type of assumption she might be uninformed or God-forbid financially un-savvy.

From Single Ma's cite I ran a cross Divorce to Financial Freedom
which in turn helped me locate Penny Foolish which I think might be my new favorite blog - a 23 yr old who lives in Ohio too and is doing incredible things with her finances.

SO I think I need counseling. The other day I mentioned to my girlfriend how I had rented some financial planning DVDs from the library. Much to her disgust, she said "I don't understand what another book or DVD on finances is going to do for you..." I guess It's time to admit I'm addicted. But what if I don't want to change?


mapgirl said...

You should read Frank the Financially Savvy Atheist. He's black too. :-)

I'm glad you like reading my blog. Once you start figuring what your net worth is, you can use it as a foundation to build up!

D said...

Some addictions can be good for you! All things in moderation.