Saturday, September 22, 2007

Contest: One week to go ...& taking the weekend off


thank you for reading. I'd just like to take a moment to point out the fact that there is still a 'two words' contest going on. It appears that there is one, current favorite for the contest but that does not necessarily mean they will be the favorite. If you haven't checked it out yet - go ahead and click here - or on the big "Two words" link on the right side panel. Put something up if you'd like...

In other news I am going to spend some quality time with the girlfriend this weekend, right after I finish up with some loose ends at work and balancing my checkbook. So I most likely won't be blogging again until Tuesday (have Monday & Tuesday off) - my apologies in advance.

In still other news I am tempted to link the E-bay Webpage for my priceless Childhood G.I. Joe's that are on sale right now through an e-bay store but, that would be just kind of a very, very shameless plug, and wrong(?) I guess I won't do it.

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