Sunday, September 30, 2007

Progress Report - week ended 9/30/07

Here's the final, day-before-end-of-month update on my financial goals.

  1. Cut balance on medical collection by 1/2 or from $1619 to $809.50 - or less. - What a difference a week makes. This goal went from being a sure thing to becoming a nail-biter. I had an increase in a couple bills this month and I went to a concert one of my favorite groups had. Thus I will be racing to the bank tomorrow to see if I can send in a payment for my collection. Keeping the fingers crossed.
  2. Send in rebate so I can get my $50 back for my cell phone - SUCCESS I sent in the rebate and the other week I received it back and deposited it.
  3. Raise net worth above $8,000 - This is another nail-biter, I would assume I've crossed the $8K threshold but, I won't know for sure until I go through all my accounts tomorrow night. If I fall short, I expect it will only be by a couple hundred dollars or less.
Tomorrow I will update my net worth and make some goals for next month. Thanks for reading.


Single Ma said...

Did you negotiate a pay for delete on that collection? At minimum, removal of any negative notations on the tradeline?

If not, the collection will continue to damage your credit score (paid or unpaid).

Reggie said...

Hmm - I didn't know you could negotiate with them for the removal of the collection notice altogether?

It will be paid within a month but, yeah I didn't know it can be removed from your credit entirely. I'll have to ask them about that - thanks Single Ma.