Thursday, September 20, 2007

So Dave Ramsey's on TV ...This Blogrush thingy

SO I just listened to Dave Ramsey's Podcast today and apparently, he is going into the TV business. He is getting a show on Fox's new business news channel.

I love listening to Dave and his rants on people who are in debt.

I also love how he will call a caller 'stupid' without any remorse whatsoever.

What I don't like is Fox News and ultra-conservative opinions but, what can you do? Dave's conservative without apologies - he once commented something 'I have relatives that voted for Democrats...we still say say 'hi' to them at Christmastime"

Oh well - until there is a liberal radio ( or podcast) host that's as entertaining as Dave, what's a tree-hugger to do? (Oh wait, there's Suze Orman but she doesn't do podcasting - yet dang it!)

In Other News, there is a new site/service called Blogrush that is supposed to help promote blogs by running a feed of recently posted blogs. According to an e-mail I just got from the service scammers/spammers have already infected the network.

"Unfortunately, the bozos have come out of the woodwork and are trying
to cheat the Blog-Rush system. We have quite a few users that are abusing
the system � from running scripts to auto-load the widget, to other
fraudulent methods to earn syndication credits for their account that
they do not deserve.

These �cheaters� are hurting the overall network and dramatically
lowering the click-through rates for our good users. It�s obvious
since their �impressions� are not even seen by humans and therefore are
not sending any traffic to other users."

As you can see - as of yesterday, I added the 'blogoshere' widget to my side panel. Unfortunately so far anyway most of the blogs listed look like they are boring generic blogs not a whole of creatively named blogs or blogposts so I am almost questioning thee legitimacy.

I'll keep the widget up for a week or so but, if I don't see a whole lot of change I may be taking it down.


Moneymonk said...

I dumped Blog Rush 3 days after I got it. They do not stream well. It just advertisers mainly.

Im glad DR is on TV Kudos for him

Reggie said...

Yeah Dave is great.

I am giving this Blogrush thing a week to shape-up it's act. If it's still a bunch of 'bot-blogs' that pop up I'll dump it too.