Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Article/News bit of the week: I lost my $41K & pants

This week's the article of the week goes to a Wisconsin man who lost his pants and in the process, a cashier's check for $41,000!

Mark Stahnke apparently went out drinking last week and when he woke up he was in his neighbor's yard sans pants. He was also missing a $41,000 check that he intended to give to his son at the bar - what a great family...

Even the local police were a little puzzled:

“We’re used to hearing weird stories, but with his intoxication we figured this one would be different, that the amount of money wouldn’t be exact,” Police Lt. William Graham said. “How do you get so intoxicated that you lose your pants?”

You're guess is as good as mine, Lt. Graham. I guess that's another reason NOT to drink and carry a large amount of money simultaneously.

An honorable mention for article of the week goes to Allan Sloan's article on CNNmoney.com about how the 'reduced' government budget deficit isn't quite as 'reduced' as it seems. Hell, it's still a deficit, we're not even talking about National debt.

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