Friday, September 28, 2007

And the Winner & still champion is: Zack Attack

that is unless a formidable challenger posts to challenge Zack's comment in the Two Words contest:

Get Money
my dude
Pay rent
Buy food

Rat race
All day
Gotta hustle
Get Paid

Take Bus
Drive Car
Choose One
Get Far

Choose Bad
Be Sad
Choose Right
Be Tight

Make sales
And commission
Never lost

Friends leave
Don't Care
Make Friends

Make Money
Right Now
Reggie B
Ready now

Gotta wait
Gotta study
Finish school
Get Money

Get Married
Have Kids
Just Like
Daddy did

Or May-be
No Ba-bies
On-ly Me

Want Love
All Alone
Empty Home
Gotta Show
Haters Wrong
Seeing as there are 22 minutes to go till the deadline and I have places to be and people to see and he will hold the crown until morning. By the way Zack - I'm still waiting on those new posts.... let me know if you changed blogging spots

Thanks for reading - Reggie

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