Monday, September 10, 2007

What is 'Wealth' to you?

I sit here and think about what 'Wealth' or 'Success' means in my culture compared to other cultures. Namely my girlfriend's.

In America Material Wealth equates to success.

In my Girlfriend's Culture 'Relationship Wealth" equates to success.

In our culture someone who is a Doctor or Lawyer quickly gets respect.

In her culture someone who is a tribe elder earns respect slowly.

In our culture money is king

In her culture those with the most friends and family are king-like.

I'm not sure which culture is better in the long run. But it truly felt great staying with some of her 'tribe' while out west.


Moneymonk said...

How about both good friends and great success!!

Reggie, another kid with good credit said...

That's the dream right Moneymonk? that's the dream.

Dale said...

Money in itself is only a vehicle for storing the value you received in exchange for something. It can buy you things, but never truly intangibles like love, honor, respect and friendship. If your accumulated monetary wealth buys you the security to enjoy time with the people who matter to you, then you are truly wealthy.