Friday, September 28, 2007

Bow down to your Canadian overlords....

well not quite but, maybe in the not-so-distant future.

It appears that the Canadian Dollar is no longer as worthless as yesterday's newspaper.

I was listening to this article on NPR today and it appears that the Canadian Dollar is about equal to the American Dollar and quickly approaching a value slightly above the American Dollar.

A quick lookup on an Exchange rate site shows that every Canadian Dollar is worth 99.82 cents of every American dollar as of today. So basically a dead-heat as far as the exchange rate goes.

Here's another article about the recent change in fortune -

While this may be pretty depressing to us Americans and delightful news to bordering Canadians, the U.S. still remains ahead of Zimbabwe in currency. In fact it's with mixed feelings that I can say I'm easily a Multi-millionaire Zimbabwean Dollars.

The mixed feeling being the fact that the American in my African-American background is very proud of this fact.

The African in my African-American background is somewhat despaired and melancholy about this fact.

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