Wednesday, September 26, 2007

As the cash flow changes to the positive...

I wonder to myself how to keep it up.

Over the past week or so, my passive income has increased a great deal. I just got my first check ever from paypal for this blog actually and it feels pretty good. Yesterday, I picked up my rebate for my cell phone so there is another $50 or so. At some point next week, I should be getting a check for the recent sale of several of my childhood G.I.Joe's

All told, I will be bringing in about $140 or so without having to work all that hard for it, about $90-100 of it being completely passive income. I know '$90-100, big whoop!' but, everyone has to start somewhere.

One of my goals is to boost that amount of passive income up to $1200 a month in the next 3 years or by the beginning of 2011. That will work to pay for all of my monthly expenses and my 1st job salary would end up being simply 'icing upon the cake'.

The only problem is - I know it will take work and some serious effort. Some of the extra income for this month was simply luck. I am learning a lot though from listening to a newer podcast - Internet business Mastery I would definitely suggest subscribing to this podcast if you own an Ipod and you're interested in Internet Business. Although the podcast are infrequent, if you're interested in learning about how to make money on the Internet, of just off your blog, they are pretty good role models.


TMAC said...

What has been your main way for making money on your blog? Adsense? I have not noticed that you do pay per post (which I find really annoying - from a reader's point of view)?

Reggie said...

I was actually approached for advertising. Adsense hasn't treated me all that well thus far and - Pay-per-POST - honestly, I've never posted one thing from that site and (if I can remember my password) I'll tell them I no longer want to participate.

I've read a couple post by people who were being 'paid' to do so and it really seems to take all credibility out of your writing. It's almost (or is ) Corporate grassroots propaganda in my opinion.

about half of that $90-100 figure though is off of the e-bay sale of My G.I. Joe's (goodbye childhood friends)....