Monday, September 3, 2007

Paying for sexual favors from a S.O. - ramblings

... actually there's a story behind that title but, since my girlfriend doesn't really know about this blog (and won't know until after I propose) I think I'll keep that story under wraps for the time being.

Let's just say that a certain instance over the past weekend brought this topic to mind.

That being said, in my opinion, it appears that sex and money (or at least what money can buy) appear to be two of the most driving forces in the world today.

Back in caveman days, it was very simple: The biggest guy who killed the most beasts got his pick of the women because he was a 'good provider'.

Today it's a little different: although men still earn more, on average than women - Women have a lot more leeway to earn today than they did in the past.

There are such things as stay-at-home-dads & Manny's. This was unthinkable just a couple of generations ago and in some culture's it still is.

As far as sex goes women still have the main say when it comes to sex but, it becomes debatable as to their motivations:

  • Some sleep with well-off, older men in order to ensure they can maintain an expensive & pampered lifestyle.
  • Others sleep with well-toned, bad-mannered Adonis' that have little to no respect for women and come back to a cycle of abuse that arouses a woman's 'challenge' & 'helper' buttons.
  • Others, do and say whatever it takes in order to get a wedding ring and feel worthy among their engaged and newly-wed peers.

I'm sure there are several other variations to women's motivation for sex but these are the ones I guess I've run into or across the most in my post-adolescent male experience.

Us men, we're very easy to motivate:
  • We're awake, alive and breathing (eyesight not necessary).
That's truly all it takes. We will pay for a nice car, a nice house, nice dinners, flowers, presents, trips, etc... in order to impress a woman enough to have permission to remove her clothing.

I guess the question becomes, if women get to a point where they out-earn men, go to sperm banks to have babies and no longer feel a huge social stigma for not getting married and raising a child without a father - will us men really be that necessary?

If nothing else, I'm good at rambling.

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