Friday, September 21, 2007

being a work-a-holic & working towards your childhood dreams

I went to an internal job fair for my company today. I asked my boss a couple weeks ahead of time and he agreed to let me go.

This month is 'career-month' at my company and the internal job fair is one of the biggest events.

Anyways I went I saw dropped off a bunch of resumes and networked a tad.

So when I told my girlfriend I'd like to cut my long weekend short (I took Monday and Tuesday off to go to a concert on Monday) to learn more about how some higher-ups got where they are now in a small 'career path discussion panel' I got invited to /volunteered for....My girlfriend got really upset and went on and one about how I never want to come see her and she always wants to see me...etc, etc.

So now, I plan to cancel a picture-perfect opportunity to network with people who are where I want to be in a few years to spend more quality time with my girlfriend.

I can begin to see my father's work-a-holic, work ethic beginning to show in me a little more than I'd like to admit. I look at my father today and see someone that I don't necessarily want to be when I retire. Don't get me wrong, I love my Dad, he's a great role model for about 80% of black males his age (or any age for that matter) when it comes to being a responsible individual.

****Hmm is this Karma/God/Some Higher power Speaking? ****

right in the middle of typing this blog post I happened upon ABC News' person of the week for this week:

Professor Randy Pausch is a dying, 46 yr-old computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon University. He has about 6 mos -1 year to live.

When he was a kid though, he wrote down his goals - everything from Being in the NFL and being Captain Kirk to 'Working for Disney's Imagineering program' and 'floating in outer-space'.

Well he didn't become an NFL star but, he did float in outer space and worked for Disney's Imagineering program. He also achieved quite a few of his other goals.

The entire video is very inspiring.

You can also copy and paste this link:

Dr. Pausch has achieved almost all of his goals though through a little luck, sweet talk and a lot of hard work he has achieved what he set out to do before he ever had to pay taxes or worry about a mortgage.

I guess that's what life's all about though - not money but, what you do with your precious time here.

When I was a child my only true wish was to be the best artist I knew. I was getting ever-closer to that goal when In the 8th grade my Dad told me I needed to focus on something more constructive than art like, business - so here I lay today somewhat unsatisfied with my life choices.

I have a goal now though, to become a millionaire by 40 so once there I can refocus on my dream of being an artist. several have surpassed me in skill over the years but, I think with a little help from a living legend/mentor like Gabe Leonard I'll be OK.

I have a feeling though, that life can only get better from here.

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