Sunday, September 9, 2007

A tweak here, a change there... updates all around

I have made the decision to switch up my blog a little.

TITLE: Although - currently I see the title still as Reggie, the black kid with good credit.

I've decided to change that title to Reggie, another kid with good credit.

There are multiple reasons for this change but, some of the most obvious would be

  1. The obvious wall that is put up when someone reads that: "the black kid", although it may be embraced by some of African descent, it immediately, inadvertently instructs the non-African/African-American reader that their eyes are not wanted here - which is far from the case. I'd be kind of put off if there were a blog called - Julie, the white girl who knows her finances.
  2. For those who read my blog with any slight regularity, you can learn that I am a black male simply by looking at the 'about me' section.
  3. Again, by stating "the black kid with good credit" I appear to reinforce the stereotype that most black people have bad credit and I am somehow an exception to the rule which is not something I really want to reinforce at all.
GOAL UPDATES: As far as updates, I think I'm going to scale down the weekly updates on my financial goals and instead keep the goal setting, at least on my blog, as a monthly occurrence. I may try and give progress reports for my monthly goals but, I think I'll hold off on making weekly goals that may/or may not correlate with the monthly goal.

WEEKLY BLOG POSTS: For those of you who are new to reading my blog. First, Thanks for reading! Second, I have attempted to keep up some regular weekly Blog Posts for certain specific days of the week:

Monday - (nothing specific currently)
Tuesdays - Article/Newsbit of the week
Wednesday - What little I know about.../Informative post
Thursday - Quote of the Week
Friday - (nothing specific currently)
Saturday - Blog of the Week
Sunday - Possible monthly progress report/week review.

Anyway, thank you for reading I appreciate the support!



zackattack said...

"Julie, the white girl with good credit". LMAO!!!!!!!!!


Your blog needs more press time.
But I'll get back with you about how both our blogs can expand.

Reggie, another kid with good credit said...

Let me know if you have any ideas. I'm open to them.

Single Ma said...

Good idea with the name change. However, are you really any kid with "good credit" since you now have a collection account on your credit report? LOL