Sunday, September 2, 2007

September 2007 & week of 9/3/07 - financial Goals, August & last weeks results

So for August my financial goals were the following:

  1. Raise net worth to $8,200 - FAILURE - mainly due to unexpected collection. without the collection, my net worth would stand at about $8K-9K
  2. Raise passive income to 'double digits' i.e., $10 or more - FAILURE - but came close at 9.88 cents.
  3. Work with friend on children's book illustration. -SUCCESS -I did talk to my friend briefly about this but, we only resolved to talk again about it at a later date
  4. Call at least 5 book agent's about their submission process -FAILURE - Honestly, I didn't even have time to try.
  5. Pay off debt [verify it's paid off] - SUCCESS* - I was able to verify myself as debt free for about 2 weeks until I pulled my credit and found an old medical collection lingering.
For the past week, my financial goals were the following:

  1. Call rental car place and find out why a $200 credit hasn't been placed on my credit card as I reimbursed them in cash once returning their rental car at the end of my vacation. - SUCCESS - I did call the rental car company and found that the credit was still being processed. As of 8/30/07 my credit card company had received the credit.
  2. Send payment of $200 to medical bill collector - FAILURE* - I actually have a $400 check written out but, I am waiting on sending it until I confirm the account number and address with the collection company so It isn't misapplied. They've been closed this weekend.
  3. See if it's possible to get a new-new cell phone as my 2-day old cell does not have speaker phone. Send in cell phone rebate for $50 either way. (lost my cell phone on Friday) - FAILURE* - I did get a new phone w/ the speaker phone function, However, I've been procrastinating on sending in the rebate, which is exactly what the cell phone company wants me to do....
  4. Make plan for paying off medical bill in the next 3 months (2 months if possible) - SUCCESS - I have a plan and as long as I don't deviate too much the bill will be paid in 2months.
  5. Continue looking for an inexpensive-yet-dazzling engagement ring for my girlfriend (I've shopped around a little already and seriously thought about going further into debt for a literal steal on a healthy sized rock through my 2nd job that I thought someone was holding for me. Luckily, that associate apparently already sold the ring to someone else - so I don't have to worry about the irrational demon on my shoulder whispering 'charge it, charge it Reggie!") - SUCCESS - I am still shopping. Thankfuly I regained my senses and DID NOT choose to into debt for a ring right now.
For September 2007 I have a few goals:

  1. Cut balance on medical collection by 1/2 or from $1619 to $809.50 - or less
  2. Send in rebate so I can get my $50 back for my cell phone
  3. Raise net worth above $8,000

For the week of 9/3/07 my goals would be:

  1. Send in rebate
  2. Send in Check payment for collection

I was thinking of adding more goals but, seeing as I plan to start getting fit as well, I don't want to focus on too many goals at once and wind up achieving none of them.

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