Thursday, September 27, 2007

Farewell Blogrush, it was a short uneventful run...

So I decided to delete BlogRush from my Blog.

After checking out a couple of the sites listed today via the BlogRush widget they appear to be all bot-like Blog sites or just really boring, impersonal blogs.

Plus, there's the fact that it appears my traffic appears to have gone DOWN rather than UP since adding the 'widget' to my blog.

So it's back to the drawing board and of hard, work and interesting blog posts...It's a good thing I like to blog!


James said...

In order to have blugrush show effect on your blog, you must provide traffic through the widget, it works two ways.

At first i had no traffic coming from blogrush to the finance network or until I delivered a mass amount of visitors with one of the hot trends from "making money from your blog" in our blog. The trend was financial as well, so it fit perfect!

Moneymonk said...

told ya'

Reggie said...

Yes, you were right MoneyMonk, I will try and follow your advice in the future...but I have a tendency for 'hard-headedness'