Sunday, June 1, 2008

May 2008 Net Worth

So here is my Net Worth as of May 2008:

Obviously, that stimulus/rebate/IOU check from Uncy' Sam worked a little bit to help me increase the Net Worth again. It would be even nicer if I didn't have to worry about paying it back next year at Tax time but, I'll try and keep my mouth shut and be grateful.

Wedding planning is chugging right along. I think we may have enough to handle everything right now, BUT I have this funny feeling there are a lot of 'little things' that will take little bites out of the budget until it is no more. So we shall see.

In other news - Got My Internet back! I've felt slightly disabled these past couple weeks without it. If anyone lives in Ohio & has some computer issues let me know - I found a great guy on Craig's list who fixed my computer for a really decent price.

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